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Hopefully you get a notification for this / see this message! I'd like to respond to your message, but your account has the privacy option. So I can't respond. Could you disable the privacy option? xD

Sketch commissions // open

Sketch commissions, if anyone feels like they want a messy sketch in their life!

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Non-Pokemon sales

To order something here, please comment OVER HERE. Sales rules can be found on that page, as well!

Additional photos available in this album.

Attack on Titan flats

Christmas postcards (Eren, Mikasa): $6 each
Christmas sticker (feat. Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and Armin): $5
Eren and Levi card (has a cool metallic finish): $10

Various keychains and straps

Attack on Titan Levi "bath scene" strap: $9
Fire Emblem Stahl and Brady (box included) straps: $12 for Stahl, $7 for Brady
Rainbow Dash PokeBox metal charm: $6
LoZ Skyward Sword metal keychains (Mogma Mitts, Gust Bellows, Beetle): $5 each

Custom Rainbow Dash beanie-styled plush by Yukamina-Plushies. Made of minky with painted eyes and cutie mark. About 6" long. Super adorable and angry! Check the album mentioned earlier for more photos.
Asking what I paid, $45 shipped within the US or $53 shipped outside of the US.

Some sales and auctions

Update: As of December 11, all packages have been shipped. Thank you all for your patience!

Just some sales and auctions right here, don't mind me. c;

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Fossil bootie review :o

As a follow-up to my last happy bootleg post, some of my orders have arrived. c; I'd like to give a review over two newcomer booties: Anorith and Aerodactyl!

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So, I do not usually make journals, but I would like to start doing so in the future... :o I guess this'll be my first one, even though it's small!

Want to see what I'm squealing over? OF COURSE you doooo~

Whoa, it's an Anorith bootleg plush?? How did you bootleggers know I've always wanted a 12" jumbo shrimp? But more importantly...

WAAAAAAHHHHHH-! I'd sent an email to the company ages ago requesting an Aerodactyl plush, to which they responded that they'd work on it. I didn't think it'd actually work. Golly you glorious Chinese bootleggers sure are making me happy. Both of these sprang up within the last week or so, perhaps there are more to come?
I'll be taking a look at my custom Dactyl flock as well as others to see if any of them were the "inspiration" for the bootie's pattern (counterfeit Usako-Chan Houndour plush, anyone?). I'll admit that if I find a match, I'll be a little saddened, but... we'll see. xD

If the bootie's pattern is totally original though, I dare say that this is one handsome Dactyl. It looks fantastic! That shapely face, those piercing green eyes... oh ho ho ho

Anywho, I've got both of these lovelies purchased and shipped. Time for the waiting game, yes? SO EXCITED. /angrily taps foot

I just noticed they even have a Garchomp bootie up. I'll be bidding, of course, but obviously the plush is bootlegged off of Usako-Chan's closed-mouth Garchomp plush. Seems like bootleggers love her ._.

Non-Pokemon sales post

Welcome to my non-Pokemon section of sales. Make sure you check the rules first! (They're identical to my Pokemon sales post~)

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Permanent Sales Post (PKMNcollectors)

Welcome to my permanent sales post! Be sure to have a look at the rules below before buying. Happy hunting~

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